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EDITING - You've spent months or years (maybe even decades) getting your story together. Whether one-on-one, using read-and-critique groups, or a combination of both, we refine your story and bring clarity to your writing. We focus on removing or changing anything which distracts your reader to keep your storytelling from flowing into their mind. LAYOUT - We've worked in typesetting and layout for decades and know how to find the style which complements your story and genre. We match your narrator's voice to the type styles, font sizes, spacing, graphic elements, margins, recto verso, folio design, chapter headings, and more to make your story reach its full impact. COVER DESIGN - Your story's first impression starts with your cover. Will it represent what's inside? Will it quickly communicate the heart of your story? We work with accomplished designers who know book cover design, spines, back covers, colors, images, and bold graphics to give your unique story its unique look. PRINTING - Finally, you're ready to get your book in print. We know how to get you the quality and best pricing you deserve for your story. With decades of printing experience, you're in good hands. And the pride you'll feel when you hold your first book and sign your first copy – it won't compare to anything you've experienced. PUBLISHING - Now you're probably wondering, how do I get my book on Amazon? Or in eBook form? Well, we know how. And we can quickly walk you through the process. So, start practicing your signature!

How long does it take?

Finding the perfect writer, ghost-writer or screenwriter for your story is like dating. You've got to get along otherwise it will never see the light of day. Need a ghostwriter who's done it before? Or how would you like to collaborate on your writing project with an accomplished author and screenwriter?
We enjoy the process of getting your unique and compelling story on paper – and all the way to print or the silver screen.


After your story is edited and ready for layout, we can get your book into your hands in only 2-4 weeks! That's right. And on Amazon too!
Simply contact us with any questions or to ask for a quote. We'll get back to you within 48 hours with answers. Are you finally ready to get your story published?

David S. Larson